Reviews for "8 Bit Pwny Club ep.1"


was that space invader clutching a colostomy bag?!?!?!?!
eagerly awaiting more haha.


not complaining or anything, great clip, but where's No More Heroes in all this? u freakin save by takin a dump! give me something more related to the subject than that and I'll shoot myself in the leg. srsly.

haha sweet action

pretty awesome. i liked that you used actual game clips

Very clever

Ha ha, I never noticed that about the toilets in Duke Nukum. I was always annoyed by the dead bodies always turning in Doom though. The imps' bodies lying on the ground would always turn themselves so that you're looking into their crotches, whatever angle you look at them from. They wanted to be necro-raped or something.


Ponys and Defecating aliens from the sky?Original o.o