Reviews for "Drop the Bomb (Medals)"


Good game or should i say awesome game but the questions are almost impossible for people in the area of age 15 which is like 3/4 of newgrounds i know you spent six months on this but come on the challenge is to much i mean i am well educated and I'm having trouble with this game.

P.S. (you will most likely give me a bad reply)

P.S.S.(it is true about 75% of newground viewers are about 15)

P.S.S.S.(i am a fan of quiz games just not the ones that are nearly impossible)

very hard

best score i could do was a 19200 score or so i beat it twice but the bombs killed my score good overall and i like that the questions are actually hard it makes you think about it


Since the game seems to be working for me, unlike other people, I should give it a review.

The "One question wrong, then next round" rule was something I haven't seen before, so I thought it was nice. But, then again, I don't watch too many game shows.

The expansion of questions was amazing, I played several times and never got the same question twice. It makes it hard to cheat on and challanging.

While I only got one medal, "Flawless Failure", the amount of them was really good.

As for graphics, even though they don't come to play in the game much, still seemed really smooth.

Best trivia game I ever played. 10/10 5/5.


It was asking stuff I had never even heard of. I like a challenge. Good job!

Loved it

But actually I felt quite ignorant playing this game. Good work, great questions man.