Reviews for "Drop the Bomb (Medals)"

Too Damn Hard = Absolutely Perfect!

Hey, this game is really fucking hard and often you'll find yourself losing before even making it half-way to the bonus round. And I'm okay with that because it makes it challenging. However, I would make some of the $100 and $200 dollars questions a lot easier. I mean having to get 5 questions in a row is hard enough as it is, but when they are only worth 1/50th of your goal each, they should be a little easier imo.

Good Game

This is the best trivia game I have played on NG in quite a while. And to manonthemoon516 the official title of the first harry potter book is HArry Potter and the Philosipher's Stone its just sorcerer's stone in the US.


Good game. The fact that some of these guys and gals can't get on the high score board obviously frustrates them, so they'll naturally give you a low score.
Quite frankly, it is well constructed, and contains a lot of interesting facts. No need for all of the low scores.
Awesome job.


It's a pretty nice game, I think it also took pretty long to make it =\ But I just clicked something and I had almost everything right D: But some of those questions were damn ez, but for some questions I rly didnt know the right awnser :3
Kinda hard, but it was a pretty good game ^^ ( well actually it's not hard, u just have to know the anwsers .3.


You have to be an unlucky bastard to get "Someone set us up the bomb" I never got 3 bombs in a row.. only 2 :P