Reviews for "Drop the Bomb (Medals)"


this game no doubt is way too hard. I have no idea who would know the the 1970 actor for that one show AND a certain odd question from family guy (i knew that one :D) in some ways, it seems like this quiz was made for me. about 8 of t he questions i came across were from something i frequently play/watch. for example, the will wright questions. (i saw 2 in a row lol) i actually did a report for school on him sorta recenly. also, louis kills stewie is my favorite episode of family guy. Something i also noticed was i saw no question 2 times... its gonna be hard to track all the questions! lol anyways, great game. (other than the range of question being too large)


The questions were a little to easy though. New Jeopardy easy. Overall a great idea for a game show style game.

Also, through a glitch I got the 5th highest score of all time. The game would repeat the last round and nearly double your score each time. I continued this till I had over $1,000,000,000,000 dollars, but the scoreboard only recognized up to $1,700,000,000. Not sure how the glitch works though.


challenging, great questions and soo addictive


Its so hard i haerdly got any acheviementss but good game.You have to know every subject to get this.I only got flawless failure cause you want the losers to get an acheviement.Maybe.

One great quiz game

This is one of the most ideal quiz games on Newgrounds with all the different subjects it has plus it's random so you don't know what kind of question you are going to get also i loved the layout too so overall i liked this game very much.