Reviews for "Drop the Bomb (Medals)"

Needs more questions about the world outside usa.

Most of the questions were based on events in the USA. That may be alright for US residents but for the rest of the world....no.

A fun but flawed game.

I spent a lot of time on this game; and I don't know why exactly. While the concept of it is simple, tried and true, it does not require skill, or knowledge, to earn the high scores. It depends on a lot of dumb luck - The Bonus Round is just that.

Most of the trivia questions for this were appropriate. However, a few were downright odd. I mean, who knows anything about boggle? A lot of the questions repeat themselves over and over in each play. I guess this makes up for the limited amount of them in the game. It's sad, but the only way to get high scores, or the medals, is to memorize them, ubtil you can go through the entire game flawlessly, until luck plays a part in the bonus round - which could leave you with nothing on the first hit.

Like I said, I'm not sure why, but I did enjoy this game.

Like Jeopardy, But Fiercely Addicting

This game plays on the oldest human flaw: vanity, the idea that you think you know everything when you don't, and, dammit, does it work well in this game with its very up-to-date trivia questions that you wish you knew the answer to. Although, I do have one quip: Georgia doesn't border the Atlantic Ocean--it borders the Gulf of Mexico!

flawless failure?

to get the flawless failure medal, do you have to get the first three wrong, or any three (in a row)?


all these are american questions and are from america...ill rate it 3 cause it was kinda fun and great animation...