Reviews for "Drop the Bomb (Medals)"

the Bomb

Nice i like - i'm lucky in this game and i'm from Lithuania xo xoxo :)

good game

i only really have 1 problem with this finely made quiz game. AMERICAN ONLY BASED QUESTION how the fuck am i supposed to know what dickhead in 1973 won the XFL (what the FUCK is that) championship? really what person outside of america would know ANYTHING about baseball or NFL or whatever other bloody leagues u got there.

thats my only problem, sorry, but i think the other 5.7billion of us outside the USA would like a fair quiz. -5 for that unacceptable bias

this is gr8

cool but my medals wont show on any ng games!!! i never c wat medals there are and if ive got them!!! some1 halp plz :)

Hard, hard and....Hard

I've got a probleme, I'm french, I can't answer anything -_-"


I didnt know what any of them where really but i got 4000 dollars which isnt really high compared to u all... almost all of u