Reviews for "Drop the Bomb (Medals)"


FInally a quiz game that doesn't pull punches. You know they don't make it easy for people to will the big prize on quiz shows. And quite frankly I'd watch this if it was a real game show.

You could use some more questions though, as I ran into a lot of repeat over my play time. But still it's a fantastic game.

*thumbs up*


Its just a random pop quiz game

Bombs!? Sounds like FUN!

But it just felt like I got a pop quiz on everything I don't know. I would've enjoyed it if there was an actual bomb blowing up when I lost, that woulda been cool to see.

i only played coz of the medals

the ? are waaayyy 2 hard
i'll be waiting for a bettere and EASIER veison

not that good

it want what i was expecting in a game that says drop the bomb