Reviews for "Drop the Bomb (Medals)"


very random questions that most of the time you have to just google them, cool warcraft refrence in the medals

Why are you bringing this down?

If you don't know the answers, go play Trivial Pursuit or some other easy game.

This game does not suck. It has great art, a great concept, and lots of medals. I couldn't ask for more in a trivia game. I've faved this.


This game sucks. Totally random questions that would noone would know unless they googled it -_-. Questions should be a bit more well known. Also the title, thought I wasn't able to get far, I did notice any type of bomb and for that matter anything having to be dropped. Title should be relevant " Super Trivial Trivia "
Once again, questions too hard. Only good thing is the interface. Everything else sucks.

Boring and hard

Not very fun. Not very original. 90% of the questions are so irrelevant to anything I know that the game comes down to pointless guessing (or equally pointless memory of answers to every question, which I really cannot be bothered with).

In summary, I don't think this is very good at all.

Excellent game!

Addictive, interesting, difficult- Thumbs up!