Reviews for "Drop the Bomb (Medals)"

the sports questions seem to inhabit only sports which are popular in the us. in some other categorys there are also some to a lot of questions which are nearly impossible to know if you're not from north america or take a particular interest...
otherwise it's a nice game and i like the concept, but the question thing kind of bums me out

Until this Day i had earn 1 medal. now more were earn

I hate Game Overs. The Game Over screen is a Threat. The Bomb Round taking you to The Game Over screen is also a Threat
I will survive it

some Questions were easy

keep it up

this questions are very easy

There's one thing I find completely unfair about life. Not just on school tests, but in anything. It's called 'random knowledge'. Basically, asking anything from me that's not in the textbook on the exact chapter the teacher told me to learn. I'm like 'I can't POSSIBLY know all this if nobody specifically told me to learn it'. And trivia games are all about it. There's so much entertainment value in this game, all made inaccessible to me, by the sheer fact that it requires players to know EVERYTHING. Not to mention, I live in the Netherlands. I know it's a great game, and it's worth a 4 or so... but not to me. And that requires a big blow to the average score, so... 0/5.

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