Reviews for "Drop the Bomb (Medals)"

Oh god

It is very interesting that people always make fun of me thinking that i know everything (i don't) , but this game have almost everything that i use to ignore, it was fun for me to play in some way, and i think that it have with it is meant to.

I think those medals are hard to get... but c'mon, almost all of then are low points medals wtf... anyway, i think this is a "ok game"

Pretty cool

Very frustrating for sure lol, but becomes easy with multiple play-throughs. I've probably beat the game with multiple innings and I find that the "Bonus Buster" and "Someone Set Us Up the Bomb" medals are very mathematically improbable so I won't be going for them anymore. Questions range from basic pop-culture to the highly highly obscure which is fine, however i think your player base would find most of them frustrating.

this game

irritates the hell out of me

I just guess..

I just won the game, I guessed all questions right, except for one.

I don't really think games like this should have medals, it's doesn't have anything to do with gaming experience, watch it, in a month or so there will be a .txt released with all the questions + answers.

There is NO point in adding medals to this game, I can just get my whole family here at the computer and ask if they could help me with the questions , like seriously wtf? And the end, it's all about luck. That's one nasty medal.

I rate the game itself 7.5/10

But the medals are BS! Not going to rate it just because of the medals thingy, that's pathetic. (or else I would've rated 2/10)

Nice, but with room for improvement

Let me start by saying that basically, I like it. The graphics are nice, the music and sound effects work for me, and the game itself is not inaddictive (due to the medals you can get, mostly).

That said, there's one thing that I very much dislike, and that's the fact that it's so US-centric. I imagine it'd be difficult for you to avoid for topics like "TV", but for "Movies", "Sports" etc., it really should be possible to come up with questions that even an international audience will have a chance at answering.

I really did find this rather frustrating, so I'll take away two stars for that. Sorry! But other than that, I rather liked the game. :)