Reviews for "Drop the Bomb (Medals)"

Extremely difficult, but excellent none the less

I have a hard time answering these questions, especially since they're all random. However, I enjoy playing this game because it increases my knowledge. I've never passed the first part, but I'll give you a ten anyways because it teaches me things that I would never know otherwise.

One great quiz game

This is one of the most ideal quiz games on Newgrounds with all the different subjects it has plus it's random so you don't know what kind of question you are going to get also i loved the layout too so overall i liked this game very much.


It's a pretty nice game, I think it also took pretty long to make it =\ But I just clicked something and I had almost everything right D: But some of those questions were damn ez, but for some questions I rly didnt know the right awnser :3
Kinda hard, but it was a pretty good game ^^ ( well actually it's not hard, u just have to know the anwsers .3.

How is this irritating?

If you don't know the answers don't get mad, go pick up a book or something. If the questions were really easy this game would suck. The only thing I wish the bonus round was different. Something based more on skill other than the luck of a bomb not showing up.


SPARTAAAAAAA!!!!! Of course, when I say SPARTA I mean IMPOSSIBLE.