Reviews for "Drop the Bomb (Medals)"


this game is fun and also educational and hard. but since this is hard u should make d medal points higher

A nice challenge.

This game is sure to challenge people since it focuses on intelligence rather than reflexes like most of these medal games do. I thought it was layed out well, I'm a big fan of game shows so I thought it was entertaining. It's difficult to play since luck is a common factor for this game, but it adds to the challenge. I thought the final game you play was sort of boring though, I enjoyed being quizzed much better than spinning a wheel.

The music fit the game well and I thought you were very creative with coming up with the rules and title of the game. It followed many ideal game show paths, it reminded me of Press Your Luck in a way. Anyway, I thought this game was very unique and focused on many challenges that made the game much fun to play. Keep up the excellent work.


i would be better if the loader didnt take me 20 minutes


I had a really hard time answering the questions because they were all about the US of A..

Chance sucks

I liked the game overall, and it was a pretty good quiz game, but I wish that there was some sort of pattern to it rather than it giving you a random number of questions and the chance that if you get ONE wrong, you have to start over.