Reviews for "Drop the Bomb (Medals)"


I got alot by guessing :D

UK player rather likes it

I'm not from the US, but there are many questions in here that cater for people like me. I managed to win it a few times, so...yeah. Nice idea for a game (like that show Spin Star over here), executed very well, and the questions have more than enough variety to keep it from going stale prematurely. I could see this getting special versions.

Winnable and a Challenge

I just won the game. - "You've met the goal and won the game! Congratulations!"
No doubt though, this game is difficult. I kept playing until I got good at it.
Now for the bonus...

so hard....

how is anyone supposed 2 no this stuff?

Yea, this GAME is a bomb.

This questions are absolutely impossible to answer. Who the hell knows ANY of this?