Reviews for "Drop the Bomb (Medals)"


A fun game kind of like one of those games on tv but notbad and its something different here on newgrounds tried to get some medals and was ok the medals did make it more fun so that was a nice touch overall a fun game and you won some awards with this so nice efforts and nice job.

Add much more questions so that theres not an easy way to figure things out.


Not a hater, just stating facts.

You made a kinda fun game, but tied the "good" medals to extremely unlikely events which depend SOLELY ON LUCK to occur. I take this as a "click bait", as in, you are providing a way to benefit people that refresh the game as a faster way to get 5 1000$ starting questions, for example.

And that's a bad thing.

LMAO at all of the complainers! Obviously these people don't know how trivia games work. It's called random questions from random categories, some of which you might not be familiar with -- deal with it!

And, no, it's not "unfair" to non-Americans. You think half of Americans even know the answers to a lot of this? (Answer is no) Non-Americans have just as good a shot as anybody.

When I encounter a quiz game that has questions from other countries do I complain about it? No, I answer the questions or I fail at them and accept that. Do I get mad if I didn't know the answers? No, and neither should anyone else!

Trivia games are meant to be obscure or else they're too easy and everyone wins, although I have a sneaking suspicion the complainers want exactly that. It's that whole complain complain instead of actually learn something mindset that plagues the world these days.

And so this game is perfect. It does exactly what it sets out to do. It has no flaws in execution. And this is put together a hell of a lot better than other Flash quiz/trivia games I've seen.

Even if you did know all the answers, for some insane reason, there's still a lot of replay value as the huge luck component in obtaining some of the medals even *if* you had all the answers like Bonus Buster medal for example. Good luck with that.

how do u make medals?

There are some quests that people dont know, like tv stuff... remember once you post it in newgrounds you're dealing with a WORLD not only a COUNTRY.