Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 21"

Outshitting performance

Never heard of a crap genocide before, but donkey knows his shit


Best episode of the whole series, better than my previous favorite.
The part where donkey shit everywhere for no reason was awesome, and the bloody penile blowjob was great too!

Happy to see a RAB return,Dave.

This didn't disappoint what so ever and was as crazy & funny as expected,whether it was Donkey shitting everywhere multiple times or Puppy getting his freak on with some nympho puppy,overall i enjoyed this very much and even though this took a year to make it was well worth the wait.

Dude .....

Was that a real l slightly voice changed phone call at the end? xD I swear that I have had that happen before!

Now, as for all the rest of the stuff you made in this thing.... AWESOME!

4H is for HORSESHIT!!! lol