Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 21"

This is unbearable

sorry, ive never really watched this series before. But this was just bad. The animation and production was great, but the content was unfunny, a little disturbing(even for me) and flat out annoying to watch. Maybe its time to move on to better humour.

Agrees with vdownarrowv

It has been the same stuff all these years, first few were sorta funny outta originality, but now that its been 21 episodes in i think more can be done then sex, retardness and death, at least put thought into the dialouge betwean the characters, Middle schoolers could write this.


Just throwing in a lot of obscenities doesnt make for a good series, as is obvious with RAB. Where's the humor in all this? All this series consists of are sex jokes only a 10 year old would laugh at.

Didn't find that very funny

I was bored by the end, there is a certain amount you can be random before it gets too stupid to even bare watching. Seen better...


im fine with a little violence as long as theres some intellagent humor. and this had none what so ever.