Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 21"

ugh claning teams will be going there now...

haaaa haha lol

XD sorry if offensive really NO OFFENSE

donkey is always such a fucking retard lol it true plus id like to give a 9 star rating for said video wel 10 cuz i just relized almost evreyone to ever rate this video gives ten so ten itis bye and if u think this is offensive ive seen way worse so dont ban me please i was just givin an honest opinion plus i gave you ten stars SO DONT BAN ME PLEASE and tom fulp is kinda wierd no offence but he never posts videos well atleast ive never seen a video made by him well bye FOR REAL

ps my fav charachter is cat

The Demon Rabbit Cthulu, and non-retardedness...

I like the fact that the RAB's are occasionally non retarded, have no respect for the old, and are mean. Finally, puppy gets something good! Sean Connery et al, make good cartoon characters, nice usage.


Too This i Clap

Wow just amazing. The Animation was Extremly Well put together

I loved the horney animals haha its so random its funny

I AM GONNA watch all of these

Keep up the most amazing work

-TheTopReviewer :)