Reviews for "Twee diddled"


Finally somebody with the same problem as me :o

Twee dididy

wow, drawings were so smooth and well done. Voices are...i guess perfect, his reactions were awesome. Good music for the story line. Basically, it was short but Great.

Deserving of a perfect score.

This flash had one of the the best concepts I have ever seen. I keep wondering what I would have done in that man's situation. Rockin' Robin was the perfect song to put in that scenario, it just seemed right. The animation was well done, and the narrator's voice was highly amusing. I got a good laugh out of the ending too. Great job on this, I laughed the whole way through.

I've never seen a flash quite like this before, the gag track of the audience laughing was enough to make me laugh as well. No luck on finding the easter egg, but I'll find it because this flash is definately worth a couple more views. You have a very creative mind to come with a great storyline like this, it was all perfect. Keep up the excellent work!

piss funny

HAHA i also feel that way when im pissing its like when your pissing next to someone and ( no homo) you look to see how big they are.


loved the joke. was original and very funny. rockin' robin by chuck berry is an awesome song and fit perfectly with the flash. keep up the good work