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Reviews for "Twee diddled"


dude that was so wierd and i doint know f i likedit or didn't lol. God animation and i like the narrator so yeah... 4/5 9/10


but where is the egg


Pokemahn! Poke-y-with-the-man and the poke-y-yeah you get the idea.

That's really well made and funny. I congratulate you sir.

Shy cock!

I enjoyed this and the easter egg was easy to find but enjoyable. This appealed to that juvenile sense of humour of mine, the one that smiles with cheeky glee. For those that don't know where to find the Easter Egg here is a subtle hint; it's among the end credits when the animation stops.

You might do yourself a damage!

Really great animation and idea. It was worth a giggle, but didn't really have me howling. The quality was excellent, the only thing was their mouths. It seemed like the only place the animation was choppy was in their mouths, it could have been more fluid. But that is my only critic, other than that it was good.

Btw, Bill Cosby is not fun to look at.

AntonyC responds:

I was going to agree with you in part and suggest that you look for the easter egg, which is admittedly more entertaining... Until you said that last thing, which tells me unequivocally that you are totally stark raving bonkers.
*farting sounds*