Reviews for "Twee diddled"


dude that was so wierd and i doint know f i likedit or didn't lol. God animation and i like the narrator so yeah... 4/5 9/10


Now that was a pretty strange, and funny animation.
Original idée too, and his expressions are priceless :)


that was pretty awesome

So true

Excellent observation lol, good art and damn good concept too, short sweet and to the point, keep it up :)


Yeah, the animation was great, but... The song wasnt written by Bobby Day, i was actually one of the most famous Jackson 5 songs.

But, we're not rating it on that, so... I give you nine for everything else! =D

AntonyC responds:

Hey thanks.
Actually, it was written by Bobby the year Michael was born.
From Wiki:
"The song was covered by The Hollies on their first album in 1964 and would be revived as a single again in 1972 by the teenaged Michael Jackson as his second single release on Motown. "