Reviews for "Twee diddled"


This was very good because it had no massive point and was just simple. Good animation and sounds. Timed very well. Especially liked the end. Very nice.


that was pretty awesome


lo flippen lz

that was it?

a bill cosby vid?


Yeah, the animation was great, but... The song wasnt written by Bobby Day, i was actually one of the most famous Jackson 5 songs.

But, we're not rating it on that, so... I give you nine for everything else! =D

AntonyC responds:

Hey thanks.
Actually, it was written by Bobby the year Michael was born.
From Wiki:
"The song was covered by The Hollies on their first album in 1964 and would be revived as a single again in 1972 by the teenaged Michael Jackson as his second single release on Motown. "