Reviews for "Twee diddled"


That caught me off guard so much, i liked it a lot! Good flash and idea. 5/5

Wizard of OX Easter egg

Not sure how cosby is wizard but ok

AntonyC responds:

BeCosbyCosbyCosbyCosby'Coz of the wonderful things he does!


very very funny :).

-8500dansta 9 < * >


Love the music, 'twas a great flash.

What's the name of the song by the way? Extremely catchy.

Oh, and nice placing of the easter egg, haha.

Really though, someone wanna' pm me the name of the song?

I found the easter egg.

if you move your mouse over the replay button a note appears, click on that and it will bring you to a credits page. beneath that it will say "No this isn't the easter egg, look harder!" click on that, and there you go.