Reviews for "Twee diddled"

Wow, I loved it!

perfect short. it was hilarious. i think most people have their little bathroom paranoias. most are unfounded however :P

absolutely GREAT facial expressions!

easter egg!!

i think the easter egg is.....when his mouth moves but no sounds come out or!! that he shakes his weenie dry but still grabs for toiletpaper!




great just great but was he pulling his fly up or jacking it?

I found 2 easter eggs :)

The first one is the water bottle holding thing click that in the movie and it'll take you to the credits.
The second is when at the end of the movie put the cursor over the againg button but don't press it. Then you will see a musical note click it and then it will say That music was Rockin' Robin by Bobby Day. Anyway at the bottom of that page press the (No this page aint a easter egg look harder) and it'll take you to a funny little clip. Anyway this was a funny movie keep on making flash!