Reviews for "Twee diddled"


It was very well done, but I did not think it was funny at all. I mean, ok, he felt like there was an audience, and then so did the other guy....just not seeing it at all. And I do get that feeling sometimes, although not on the pot, so it's not that I don't understand, just wasn't my cup of tea I guess. Ah well.

AntonyC responds:

Between you and the guy who's dreams I made come true with this flash, I'm totally confused.
Thanks for watching! :)

a hint(for the E.E)

no this aint the easter egg LOOK HARDER

great were off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of coz

You get full

You get 5/5 10/10 ONLY because of the Easter egg


Absolutely genius and hilarious! It's not every day you get to pee to make music for an audience and then yell "WHAT THE ****!"

You have made my dreams come true :D

easter egg!!

i think the easter egg is.....when his mouth moves but no sounds come out or!! that he shakes his weenie dry but still grabs for toiletpaper!