Reviews for "Sonic In Glitchawg"

Random Fun Time Shop

I laughed hard the entire video. It was randomly hilarious. The high-pitched screams were random and loud, too random and loud even for me. I can forgive the animation as this is a parody. The audio could use some work as far as the scream thing, but it managed to make me laugh, so 4/5 (8/10) from me. Very entertaining. And random.


Conker's bad fur day sound track. :)

so weird


O_o wtf!

that was so random and fucking trippy as hell that i have no fucking idea what that story was about. 10/10 for disturbing me before bed.....nighty night hope my computer doesn't turn into an ostrich.

its funny because i saw this video way before i kn

knew you were spazkid