Reviews for "Upgrade Complete!"

this game is AWESOME!!!

this truly is the ULTIMATE upgrade game, because there is everything available to upgrade and i like the achievements and graphics =]

the best ever

luvd it the best but ended with110% lol


I LOVE THIS FUCKING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. A Game With a Moral. :)

A fun game, well put together. I'm guessing you were a bit bitter about a previous work, or that of a friend?

But your point is well taken. A game is as good as it is fun. No exceptions. And in making your point, you crafted a game that was fun, as well.

Try this. You'll laugh. More importantly, you'll have fun.

absolutely the best game

This is absolutely the best Shoot 'em up/upgrade game ever yet. you shoot extraterrestrail life forms for cash, you use cash to buy and upgrade the game and ship (literally). and best of all, excluding the lag, I didn't have to move the super ship to even kill the enemy, just hold the space bar, the ship does the rest. BOOYA!!!