Reviews for "Upgrade Complete!"

Good play.

Good to play.

awsom the music was epic with the newest grapix

real fun and the only thing that buged me was nothing realy it was lame at first then got real good fast keep up the good work

Interesting Concept...

Just wondering if anybody actually read the ending screen instead of just upgrading to the Awesome ending? On that note, I always go for the fun factor, and this game was quite fun... Until next time...

---Peace Out and MCL,
---Ghetto Joe


Best game ive ever played nearly best ive ever play on newgrounds NEEDS A SEQUEL!!!!!


1080 seconds (Highest I've seen so far ;P)

My layout was 4 basics spread out evenly, 4 missiles two on each side and 4 magnets in a 't' shape in the middle.

The game was great, i didnt expect to upgrade everything :P