Reviews for "Upgrade Complete!"

Want Music? Theres an upgrade for that!

Great game. I find it sort of ironic that you try to send a message that there is more to games then fancy upgrade systems and that a fun game isn't built entirely on upgrading crap when this game is fun just for that reason! Theres so much stuff to upgrade =D.

P.S. Hints for new players:
The laser upgrade stinks, I had all laser upgrades and could not finish wave 20 at all, don't get these.
Missile upgrade is good but you can finish wave 20 with just the basic gun upgraded as well.

Quite addicting

i thought it was a very entertaining game. worth playing again.

Very Nice

Up's Insane ...


Awesome ending FTW!! xDDD

besides the absurd upgrade system, it has that "old-school" feel while playing, it is entertaining yet absurd, like a game there is here about getting achievements =P

Upgrade Complete!

how could you forget "upgrade max weapons" upgrade >:(
also, in wide layout it would look awesome IMHO
enemies must drop less coins, enemies must damage ship, ship must be repairable ._.
needs "more money drop" upgrade
needs downgrades // i liked initial graphics more than fully upgraded >:(
needs music upgrades
needs shop upgrades
needs MOAR upgrades
also, enemies must have more hp and do something unique, like move from side to side/dash/teleport ._.
weapons look like seperate ships instead of weapons, if it was planned like that then let it be >_<
12 missile modules = epic
while i was writing comment i used mute button for first time
oh, also medals would be awesome here
needs tetris upgrade... just for teh lulz...