Reviews for "Upgrade Complete!"

Very creative and very fun.

I beat the game whoO!. A very fun creative game. I loved that you could buy every little detail. This game is amazing on every level. Keep making games like these. It would have been great to see the game go on longer though.

Really freaking clever

I absolutely love the idea. It's really, really, really unique and a brilliant way to let people almost customize their game to suit what they want. I mean, some people might want the whole 8-bit, Atari-type look, while others want sleeker graphics. The only thing that I wasn't real thrilled with was the beginning--forcing us to buy the preloader and all that. It was a small complaint, though, considering the rest of the game had such a great concept to it. Great work.



well, i love upgrade- games, but a whole game you have to upgrade.. thats new..
and fantastic!
Personally i dont like this kind of shooter very much, but with all this upgrades and things.. yeah!
damn, i dont know what i could write..
this is just so perfect!
well, maybe the "mystery" isnt soo cool^^
but hell, i won =P