Reviews for "Upgrade Complete!"

IM THE BEST ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

The-EXP responds:

DUDE YOU SUCK! [Review response Lvl 1]

i have no words...

atleast there is no heart rate upgrade XD
5/5 since no HR upgrade and gr8 gameplay XD

A much younger me played this a few years ago and loved it.
Today, a older versioin of him went back and played it again, and still loved it for it's excellence and innovation.
Anyway, great game, of course not perfect, but very unique and fun to play.
Good visuals, decent soundtrack, solid gameplay and good controls.
It's fairly short, but meh, I didn't pay anything for this anyway.

The-EXP responds:

A much younger me made this game a few years ago. That's life though isn't it? Just a sequence of things you once did until you rot in a cold grave. Does anything we do even matter? Is anything we do going to be remembered? Sure you could say, that if I vanished tomorrow, you'd remember having played this game. You'd remember something. But in 100 years you'll be dead too. So will everyone who had ever played this game. All gone. Maybe in 100 years there will be some historical value to playing these games and one person will play it 100 years from now, but I doubt it. It's too much of a novelty. No. We'll all be dust and the fact you played this twice will mean nothing to anyone. You'll mean nothing to anyone. I'll mean nothing to anyone...

I mean... thanks for playing!

well a game which is good even in 2016 and well we have 2016 yust a graet game : IGN :10/10