Reviews for "Upgrade Complete!"

uhhhh fish

the point of the game is to upgrade the graphics sound and all of that

Got Boring

The gameplay was exellent but I think the graphics sould have been better, don't get me wrong I love pixels but for a game like this I think you should've spiced up the graphics. Everything else was amazing. Loved the music!

This is one of the funnest games I've played.



the absolute best game ever i have the ultimate ship if this game was multiplayer i would destroy everyone!!!!

A fun little game

I have to say: the concept was neat, the gameplay was astounding, and I found myself losing intentionally to upgrade my ship, not knowing that you can replay level twenty as many times as you want. I thought the "good ending" was rather humerous and on par with the level of sillyness that the rest of the game was based off of.

The only thing keeping me from rating this a ten is the lack of replay value. I guess I could start from the beginning again, or use different upgrades (I had a magnet, agility boost, missile launcher, lightning machine, and a bunch of turrets), but the main premise of the game - the upgrading - becomes moot. It's a shame too because I love that feeling of pseudo-accomplishment that I'd get from buying the things most players take for granted (like a menu screen). However, like I said, this is a fun little game or I wouldn't have rated it so high.