Reviews for "Rock the Hall"


I play most games for 1 min, then quit. This kept me going for about 15-20 minutes. I fully upgraded the bar, hired everybody, and went a few more shows extra just for difficulty. It's interesting having to manage the specialists, and then pinch-hit with Jackie if two of the same situation arises.

While it's fun and entertaining, I do have the following criticisms ...

1) The music got old, fast. Would have been nice if each night the performers did a different set.

2) It can be a pain targetting a character to a task area. You think you highlighted the area, but really you just nailed some spot between a customer's legs at the bar, which doesn't count. So, your character doesn't go to work, instead just sitting idle. There were many times I had to re-drag/drop a character over to a task, because it was a pain targetting the spot. Instead of highlighting the areas in painstaking detail, should have just had general "bubbles", like a circle that highlights, which would make hitting the area easier. Fitz' law, dude.

3) This whole game makes very little sense from a business perspective. If I pay good money to upgrade a bar and crew to manage it, then why the hell does it keep breaking more and more? If I realized that there were more and more sound problems as I go along in a business, I'd fire the sound guy and hire a new guy. Upgrading the bar brings in more money, but doesn't reduce issues. It's sort of ass-backwards. But for a game, you have to suspend reality.

4) The energy drinks thing was a decent idea, but it seems like a contrived waste of player time. These employees are too dumb to refresh themselves automatically when sitting idle? Makes me lose faith in my employees. Next you'll want me to drag them to the bathroom so they can relieve themselves periodically. Too contrived.

5) The front door never had issues other than security. The bathroom had no issues except maintenance.

6) Game was slow to ramp up. You want to let folks get used to the learning curve, but the difficulty just ramped up too slow. Got bored after a while and quit. Eventually you have a fully upgraded bar, but the bands barely have a two star following. So, the interest in upgrading the bar is gone even though the game is still going. At that point, there's no incentive to bring in money other than to hit goals. I personally found upgrading the bar to be more satisfying than hitting monetary goals.

Overall, great game.


Fun game couldn't stop playing, would love a "save" button tho :D


I ranked number 1 on the scoreboard today and that made me happy because this is a great game and i truly enjoyed playing it so thanks for the experience and pleaz make more


That was addictive! I got lost in it for a minute there. Well done! This is a damn fine game. I was dubious at first, but it blew me away. I really like what you've done here. It's a brilliant idea and you've pulled it off really well.
Congratulations. I hope you get the love you deserve.


This game is pretty weird. Firstly I think the time is too long for the employees to finish whatever they're doing. At least put a timer on them. Secondly I couldn't find the power drinks at all, so I couldn't do anything towards the end. And thirdly, why didn't the level ever end ? The timer said "0:00" but nothing happened.
I think the concept is alright, but I have seen that already in so many other games.