Reviews for "Pokeball Problems"


the ending made me lol hard.

would have been funnier if hed thrown the pokeball at caterpie and it was a blob of green goo on the ground.

ikool responds:

I think it would have been funnier too... why didn't I think of that? :3


Decent but Hilarious. just needed maybe some voice or sound effects.

ikool responds:

I tried to keep extra sound effects away seeing as much of the music synced with the animation. I didn't want it to lose its charm by adding sounds :3

Not bad I guess...

Humour was decent,but it was a bit brief...the graphics were pretty clear,but the art lacked some shading.

ikool responds:

It was a short animation. Thanks for the review :3


At first i thought "not another one of those pokemon animations..."

But somehow you managed to end up with a twist and make it funny and entertaining!

Your animation is pretty good, and so is your hand drawing... I hope you can work on more flash and submit a lot of interesting stuff like this

ikool responds:

Well, I have found that hand-drawn animation is a lot more fun than sprite animation, so I may make more things like this :3


It was funny and short. The perfect combination

ikool responds:

Thanks! I was hoping for that effect :3