Reviews for "Pokeball Problems"

nice work

best ive seen all day

ikool responds:

thanks a lot :3


i al ways wondered if humans could be caught in a pokeball ^^ heh "i choose YOU, bill gates!!"
bill- "* M_I_crosoft, m_I_crosoft" lol (no offense to the guy :P)

ikool responds:

lol, Bill Gates used Money.

It was super effective :3


I've been thinking of what would happen if someone did miss since the series came out. I got a good laugh out of this, I hope to see more great hand-drawn flashes.

ikool responds:

Thanks, I'll makes sure to make more later :3


Not too bad. Didn't really find it funny and your animation needs a bit of work. Try adding more sound effects.

ikool responds:

I tried to keep away from sound effects since it messed with the feel of the animation. And yea, this was my first time doing a serious hand-drawn animation :3

Funny! ^^

It was Short and funny. good work

ikool responds:

thanks :3