Reviews for "Pokeball Problems"

A good laugh

A funny animation, and an unexpected ending. My one complaint was that the only sound was the music. Maybe, if you were to redux this or something, you could add at least some sounds from the game.

Not too bad

While I admit I was bored by the beginning of it, as the animation was only average, I guess I liked the overall idea and I admit it was pretty cute. Especially liked Golem trying and the action of the pokeballs being thrown. Hooray for pokemon!


caterpie was like WTF?!

It's funny but I don't get it...

If he had a Golem, why would he get soo damn excited over a caterpie? Even so, nicely done, infact, I myself may catch a couple of hookers with those poke' balls of yours.

ikool responds:

You better tame them hookers first... :3

i wonder if

that could realy happen.

ny way nice job

ikool responds:

thnx :3