Reviews for "Pokeball Problems"

Nice one

Most of the animations on this site leave me saying "eh, that was alright..."

This one, however, put a big smile on my face. It it wasn't so late, you better bet I would've let out a laugh or two too.

Simple, yet entertaining.

Pretty good

That was a pretty nice animation :)
I mean, art could improve a bit, but the animation was really good, like in the many rotating pokeballs and the scene where the golem and the trainer gets sucked in the pokeball, which were nicely done and impressive.
I agree with Falkontenebrae, by saying you need sound clips in your video. This is a goldmine of sound clips just waiting to be added, like the sound of the Golem, and the sound of the trainer being caught in his pokeball (oops, spoiler).
But still nice work with hand drawn animation, impressive.

Epiphanies are real...

I am blown away by the awesomeness of this flash. If I ever sleep again, I will dream of this epic tale of the caterpie and all of those pokeballs. Amen, my brother, amen.


Even the Golem was laughing. That's how bad it was! Great Show!


loved it when the golem smashed the caterpie though he turned it into paste how do you catch paste? lol