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Reviews for "OCD+"


nice concept- but im going to ruin the fun. there's a way to do all of these, and i'll explain. for big o, you simply need a clicking macro and leave it on for like 2 minutes. I guess that ones not too hard so you could actually click it 10000 times. for the pianist, you need a macro to write the message, pretty simple. all you have to do for shut is leave it up for 14 hours. (minimise it) now, 208 is pretty complicated. you would need to find a way type the message in every 3 hours. i dont know, maybe like have it in the scheduled tasks to open a program every 3 hours that types it every 3 hours. that one is tricky. k is also pretty simple like big o, all you have to do is prop something against your keyboard to hold it down. you cant press other keys so it would have to be like a tall weight or something. i wonder what the secret one is...


I pressed the fucking button 10,000 fucking times and got no fucking medal.
I was logged in.


I just did the 15 hour one, got the notification for beating it, went to my profile...
I know it probably isnt your fault soo....
Good game.


This game is cruel and pointless. The only things that keep you going are the medals. It's very simple but stylish. Love the menu music.

FFS, down to 2000 clicks, then my computer turns off...I hate my life and I hate this game....but I will probably try again.