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Reviews for "OCD+"

My Hand Hurts...

Man those are some tough achievements. I decided that the 10,000 clicks wasn't worth it at about 8500 left though. I'll just go for the Prisioner of War achievement now.


The music gives it a sort of Fallout 3 feel but still give us a way to cheat man!!! cmon!!! no one wants to waste a day or 2 completeing a boring game =\
I mean id like to compete it but i just dont have 14hours to watch a blank screen.


I gotta say, I like how you made the achievements to be the most time consuming and difficult process imaginable. But I also love the humor involved in this game, and I will say that the Pianist made me pissed after I first tried it. Anyway, fun game and a giant middle finger to the medal addicts out there.

stop acting stupid...

This game isn't about clicking a button 10k times or hoding a key for and hour its about trying to find ways around that.For example on Big O just press tab then hold enter and it auto clicks super fast for you and with the other games im sure there is a way to get around those too.Its like a game inside a game.

You are evil

as much as i would liek to get those medals i jsut dont' have the patience for this