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Reviews for "OCD+"

Oh man hahaha. This game is NOT good for me

I don't have debilitating OCD but I definitely have it! I want to complete every one of those blasted challenges! I also have my own screwed up version gaming honor, so I don't cheat even when it's obviously really easy to do so on a game like this.

I got the show contestant metal. I clicked until both of my forearms were burning. They were actually sore the next day. I beat the computer by over 3,000 though! :D It only took me 11,000 clicks :(. This game is evil... EVIL! :P I LOVE IT!

I gave it a 6 because it's less of a game and more of a sort of sadistic bait for sad, sad reward-system inclined individuals such as myself : P

ok thats what i'm saying

it's really nice and challenge game becuse you see like 10000 clicks its pretty hard ok very hard and i got to said its looks scary at the lvl with 'k' its making the game interesting what Gothika-47 says so thats what i saying and now leave me alone i gonna try to get the medals hahaha lol

Very interesting

I kinda like it because it forces those who want medals to do strange stuff.It kinda reminds me of Work Time Fun with its strange style.

Very original

The game itself is a nice concept, differing from common "hard" games. This one takes the difficulty to one of the most evil things you'd ever imagine.


Loved finding ways to beat the games without it taking forever, I feel sorry for those who actually held/clicked the buttons. Music was nice, and a great game for annoying those who just hoard medals.