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Reviews for "OCD+"

That's cool

You actually made a game just to get the medals. Awesome


This Game is Amazing. I have no time to get these metals but I still want to try... Thank you


These games are hard (the pianist), and they take so much endurance (K). And yeah, I'm going to try to get all the medals. =D

Fucking Brilliant

This game was created for only the most hardcore of gamers. It is ones refusal to stop and their lack of intelligence to commit to a refusal of the acquisition that propels the ego to continue and continue while having absolutly no sense of day or night, time or space. It's a ploy on quantum mechanics and the humanity of the individuals whom regress into a wayward state of complacence in the name of self satisfaction for the always gratifying endurance quest.

It is my ardent wish to create the pouring genial desire to look into ones own soul and see that you will to play this game and that you might be in it to win.