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Reviews for "OCD+"

Im too impatient

A good game for patient people who have nothing better to do but for me i cant just sit there doing same thing over n over But yeah well done neway

God damn my mild form of OCD!

To be fair, everybody has a mild form of OCD, and god damn this game has brought it out in me :@
Already have the 10,000 clicks and K, want to do the rest now :P
Great game man!

Holy freakin Hell

Such a nice way to drive people that have all that time on their hands to go insane! Indeed a purely evil game. After playing 10k clicks i stuck it out to around 8k and quit.....feel stupid afterwards. oh well, I humbly salute you and your deranged mind for conceiving this crazy game.

LOL what a great game for pissing people off.

Its ok i guess just takes for ever and thats the whole point of it LOL a great way to waste time too.


I have to say.......well no i dont......never mind me o_O

great game xD