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Reviews for "OCD+"


I did the 10000 clicks thing i didnt get the medal


I'm busy wiping the blood off my wrists. Damn you, OCD+...dman you..

The jokes on you.

I started up this game, got to the portion where I had to click 10,000 times and immediately hit the little X in the top right corner.

That's when I realized the genius.

Whenever another one of you gets a medal for this game, the developers little social experiment is vindicated. YOU PEOPLE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A FEW POINTS. It fulfills some sort of false accomplishment that allows you to continue playing games like this without the guilt of the knowledge that you are not accomplishing anything in your wasteland of a life.

Go ahead and game. But come on people, do it because its fun, not because of points.


Anyways I cheated on the 14 hours, just let it run the entire time xD

Im too impatient

A good game for patient people who have nothing better to do but for me i cant just sit there doing same thing over n over But yeah well done neway