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Reviews for "OCD+"

OK, your medals are broken

I've earned both "K" and "War Hero" but they still don't show up.
I love the concept for this, but if the medals dont work its completely pointless.


only problem i had, is that although it said i had the show contestent award tight after i got it, it still says i have 0/6 awards unlocked...


I had to press 12,000 buttons!!!

Dude this is TORTURE!


This game is one of the most creative I've seen in a while. It's simple, witty, and still holds a great design. Although, you can easily win the "BIG O" by selecting the button with tab, then simply putting an object on the enter key.

5 for a Fifty-Fifty concept

The idea is kind of funny, I am one of those people who tries to get all the medals I can but am now about to call it quits due to poorly coded medals, I don't mean this game, and that some are too difficult even for me who is somewhat good at these things, not great. This game is more comedic then entertaining. If you really wanted to get into people's heads you would have made all the medals worth 5 points so there is no real purpose in getting the medals unless you are extremely obsessive.

On a different note, Although your comment dictates what you would do if you had OCD and this was a trigger, its very unlikely and seems distracting. OCD would be a maze game that was really difficult, not sitting for an hour holding a key.

Finally, the concept, although funny, is like the game Achievement Unlocked, funny because you find yourself trying to get the achievements and how odd of a tendency you have to do this, but you missed the boat since the joke has already been made and it isn't entertaining again.