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Reviews for "OCD+"

people just dont get it

your not supposed to actually get the medals its just there to screw with you.

- -

Humorous. But really, I don't envy anyone who has said medals :P


wish i didnt have a life and could actually play this game, but nice ideas!


For everyone saying the metals don't work, they DO, you just have to refresh the page. It's not like Kongregate where it tells you automatically. I have one of them now.

Nice game concept, but it wastes TOO much time.

I really do like the game, but maybe if the time of the game was cut down, and the difficulty was raised, the game would be worth more than 'I have no life'. I think its going overboard when it would take more than 3 1/2 days to complete such games like these. Other than that, you have a pretty good game.

Also, I completed 'K' and 'Big O' (By cheating. You may want to fix that too.) and none of the medals showed up. ):