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Reviews for "Shards and Splinters"

Sorry to say, but....

I don't get it...
Whats the meaning to this, if I may ask.
I find it very....strange.

In some ways I dislike it, thinking "what the hell was he doing???"
In other ways, however, I like it. It gives me the urge to start thinking about it's meaning.

HeRetiK responds:

just to clarify, i love using metaphors but this time there's no deeper meaning whatsoever. it's just a play with visuals and how they work with sound.


... not your best work, HeRetiK, but interesting nevertheless. If I'm not mistaken, you attempted to make something akin to the 'Around the World' clip from Daft Punk, by associating certain images with certain sounds, right? If so, it's an interesting concept to work with, but I have misgivings with the music chosen... anyway, allow me to detail my review:

- Graphics were, well, interesting. I see clearly that you've taken some suggestive, but normal images such as masks, knives and lips, and applied generous amounts of layers and effects to produce something quite bizarre, even if we can still identify these objects.

I'm guessing you're somehow attempting to 'symbolize' the sounds via the objects you chose and I think I might have identified one or two connections (such as the knife sound being a somewhat 'cutting' sound, for the lack of better word). Even if you're not, you still managed to create some very interesting imagery and I like the way you use special effects to achieve this; it's provocative.

However, despite the illusion of movement, as you re-used your imagery constantly, it came out looking a bit lazy. And I know this might be very well against the spirit of your project, but it might have been more interesting if you attempted different effects for the images in different scenes or somehow provided us with something more unique, as the repetition comes out too strongly.

- Musically, well, I'm pretty confident that you choose this song for some reason, although I can't guess why, so this next criticism might come out completely flat, as the reason, whatever it might have been, is probably a good one.

My personal qualms with this song is that it is a very difficult song to hear/listen to/'digest', it's something so radically different that very rarely I've heard something like this before. I'm not saying it's a bad song, but its so strange and extreme that I'm not even sure how to classify it! As such, you have to a high tolerance towards 'extreme songs' (at the lack of a better word) to appreciate this project more.

For example, personally, I think I have a quite high tolerance towards non-mainstream songs (I listen to Shellac!) and I found it incredibly tough to go through the song the first time. Heck, my ears are still ringing/deaf a bit as I write this review!

So, maybe the choice of something easier on the ears, as long as it fits what ever idea made you choose this song, might have made things more accessible, which I feel would be a virtue in this case.

The coordination between the images and the song, on the plus side, was spot-on, a must in this sort of flash.

All in all, this is an interesting flash that comes out as more of an art project than anything else. It's provocative in a way, defiantly so because of it's song, but maybe too difficult for a normal person to be able to stand through. Still, major props for the guts on making something like this and kudos for your creativity and I'll look forward to seeing what you can up next. Cheers!

HeRetiK responds:

alright, first of all, thanks for this detailed review.

- yes i tried to at least partially associate certain images with certain sounds. it's just about finding the right imaginery to the right sounds.

- the reptitiveness unfortunately lies in the nature of this kinds of clips. it's more like the visuals for a show than an actual movie.

- the music - lol yeah. don't ask me why, but somehow i just love noisy, experimental, erratic electronic music. at least sometimes, that is.

as in most of my works i chose the music first and then made the according video, not the other way round. in this case i deliberately went for something extreme.


I liked it, I just thought it was cool. I was watching for a while and I didn't notice it loop. Anyways, good job, keep it up.


really wierd... I LIKE IT! :D hehe great job man! :P hehe

It kind of hurt my eyes.

And my ears, but it was a well made flash either way. I just didn't see the "Experimental" part of it. Maybe im missing the point.