Reviews for "Pwong 2"


Fun Addictive and Classical... Love the Music and The Graphics

so much fun!

love this game, very challenging and the music went very well with the game.

Hope to see more of your work =D

Pwong = Pong + PWNAGE

I played the first Pwong and was blown away by the overall quality of the graphics, playability, etc. When I saw the sequel, I played it...and did not stop. The upgrades and achievements allow for more short-term goals, the extra modes give players more challenges and more ways to pwn everybody on the leaderboards, and the game still retains the simple appeal of Pong. The most amazing Pong game I've ever played just got unbelievably better with only a few minor adjustments.


not much to say other than it is a great game... well done

This is one of those games that just NEEDS to be on mobile phones
Seriously, think!
You're playing this in school, get high score, and you can show it to your friends without having to screen cap!