Reviews for "Pwong 2"

I loved it!

I never played the original pong. But I have played a few games that work like it, except you hit a ball against blocks to break them. Anyway.

This sure is fun! The first time a whole row of balls showed up I really went ''Oh sh--..'' xD


You've taken the oldest video game ever and made it new and incredibly fun to play! Awesome Game, I got 673 on extreme with 95 hit rate :D

love it

i downloaded it but can play it wheres the exe file in the download


My high scores:
Daily 2nd 527 Insane, Weekly 21st 527 Insane
Daily 4th 582 Hard
Daily 13th 404 Extreme
Daily 13th 606 Easy

I honestly find Insane to be the easiest mode... O.o
Also, I'm just 90% Accuracy and "Pwong Pwner" on extreme away from getting all the achievements...

pretty sick

Maybe for Pwong 3 the ability to put a custom soundtrack in?