Reviews for "Pwong 2"


Really good game, original. I thought that was not any way of trning pong in such an awesome game. Oh, and could you turn the achievements into NG Medals?

Best pong game ever!

When I first came across this, I was thinking there's no way someone could turn a game as simple as Pong into something great. I am glad to say I couldn't have been more wrong! I loved playing every second of this with the fantastic graphics! My favorite part was probably getting a bunch of balls at once and making them stick. It was just fun to see my score go up and the other guy rush to get the balls. You have truly shown creativity by coming up with a game that anybody can enjoy!


Game is fully awesome

Most pong games arent that good but this 1 is awesome!!

Kepp makin great games


MAN THIS IS EPIC. Good muxic, graphics and ALLL!!!!!!!! I realy like the glowing effect toooooooOOOOOOOOOOooOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!! Keep it up!!

Pwong out

Very interesting,fun,addictive game. This is a great adoption to the old game pong is the game I think and turn it more mordernly. The crazy spawning of balls, The crazy powerups and the crazy music makes the game crazy fun
My Ratings:

Gameplay 10/10: because the game is mostly for the old game pong and added many gameplays like powerups, upgrades and crazy spawning of balls

Sound 9/10: Whats does a crazy game needs is some crazy music. the musix is mostly rock and roll or mental which best fits the game but the bouce and the collecting of powerups need some more sounds in other word more sound effects.

graphics 10/10: Its very colorful and I like the color trails of the balls and the pwong with makes the game very modern and colorful. the color change is also good

Creativity/originalty 10/10: Very unique and creative I never seen another game like this(except for pwong 1) that has some concept on the classic game pong

I didnt encounter bugs so 1 for no bugs and great effort

Very fun but needs some more improvement like the powerup are not notice that much its more of a background for new players and need a tutorial or a short info and need more game modes,musics to make it longer.

And by the way........
GOOD JOB....... b(^_^)d