Reviews for "Gravitaxis ++"


... mesmerizing and all out amazing. Vinnie, I really, really love your work (I'm always eager to see your next movie!) and this is the perfect example of why. Creatively stunning and original, really brilliant. Allow me to detail my review:

- Graphics are top-notch, as always. You're very close to belonging to the group of the very best animators on Newgrounds, which means you're very very good, despite using a relatively economical way of animating. This is because you make sure everything is polished and well done and looks good. Your drawings are also remarkably detailed and your backgrounds are all out excellent.

But, really, what stands out in your animations, time and time again, is your fantastic character design. I honestly believe that your characters, which we usually see only for a second or two, stand out marvelously and seem unique and really interesting, visually. This remains your greatest strength and it helps make the worlds your create seem so more alive and interesting because of this.

This aspect of your animations, ever since Hoy Te Amo ++, has always been excellent and you've even improved from your first animations, so I can't really find anything significant to criticize. It remains exceptional.

- Sound-wise, great tunes! I think that your soundtrack fit in perfectly for this movie, couldn't have been better, and it really helped create a great ambiance for the movie. Oh, and you've managed to time the on-screen action with the music perfectly.

- Story-wise, well, just extraordinarily creative and interesting. You've managed to have an utterly original and interesting idea and then executed it in an even more interesting and original way. It does leave us wanting for more, more explanations as to exactly what we just saw, what was going on, who the characters were, but sometimes doing that makes things even better.

The flow of the movie was great, the length too. And the images you created because of your movie, many so dammed evocative, are exceptional.

So, overall, a great, great movie that stands tall among your other work. Great animations, great music, great story/premise, making for an exceptional movie that I can honestly say, I have no real criticisms towards.

Massive cheers and kudos for this one and many, many thanks for keeping creating your wonderful animations.

That was absolutely beautiful.

Oh my God how many drugs have you done, because that was just amazing. I loved it. So much. Please make more.


This is easily the best thing I've ever seen in flash animation since the last best thing which I can't even remember. So it's been at least since the late 90's. The best thing in 10 years??

A heavenly piece of art!

Ive always enjoyed your work, but this one blew me away. I cant say enough it was amazing!

Can't believe I never left a review for this.

Vinnie, haven't spoken to you in a long time. But damn man, your work is still as great as ever. Really beautiful concept, very surreal. I enjoyed every second of it.