Reviews for "Grandma's Waffles"

I love Grandma's Waffles

This video is so good and hilarious that I am going to buy some waffle batter. With that waffle batter I will create a waffle army to enslave the human race. Then when king, I will own a chain of Chicken and Waffle restaurants and make delicious and affordable food. I shall put smiles on everyones faces Muhahaha! What am i taking about again? ... Oh yea, this is a great video.

I want some Grandma Jiggaboo waffles

And if I don't find any when I go to Albertsons, it's a lawsuit up your ass.

A nice little animation.

omg .

this is perfect

Very nicely animated...

I have to say, I hadn't spotted this on iTunes yet, but I think I may attempt to find it now. Funny stuff!

The animation was nice, clean and fresh. Nice short and snappy, and kept to the point, which is good.

The clip does seem to cut off a tiny bit, but that might not be your fault.

Good stuff!


N****r please...